What We Do

Technical, Business & Policy Documentation – Technical documents, manuals, maintenance guides, engineering documentation.  Tender, Estimates, Proposals and Contracts. We produce all forms of technical documentation and in any language.

Press releases/Media relations – We formulate press releases and media releases to maintain the highest levels of positive brand and image awareness for our clients business, products or services.

Digital Content Creation – We have full photographic & video design and creation capability including in-house post production in all formats for Print, Web and TV.

Cybersecurity –  All documentation and architecture mapping. Cybersecurity policy review. IT and asset infrastructure auditing, Cyber threat “breach”  assessment report. Cyber policy and procedure documentation, development of Cybersecurity learning assets.

Public/Cyber Community relationships – What is being said about you in social media; We report and advise on appropriate strategies in response.

Brand and social media consciousness – Creating a unique narrative presenting your company at its most positive.

Corporate Communications – We ensure your corporate communications internal and external accurately and effectively reflect the attitudes, policies, and goals of the board and executive management.

External communications – We interact professionally and prudently on our client’s behalf with all external parties such as media appropriate Government authorities and all levels of social media.

Liaising with Government – Ensuring Government members and parliamentary committee members are aware of information and facts relevant to your concerns and the commercial perspectives of your industry and the challenges faced and incentives required for ongoing commercial success.

Information & Knowledge Management – We create detailed knowledge databases to ensure continuity of internal learning and development including document control processes.

Predictive Analytics/Customer Analytics – Customer acquisition strategies / Market positioning. We analyse and monitor all web traffic (SEO) to ensure where your real customer base is located and how to address those customers or potential customers most effectively.

Policy development – We will work with your team to develop policies at all levels that most effectively address and clearly express your requirements, goals and aspirations.

Export strategies – Planning to be globally focused.  We advise and document your export strategy policy or plan including all language translation.

Market Research/White papers – We research any local or international subject and produce a detailed report with an executive summary.

Export assistance – We can provide all policy and planning and language translation to launch your export initiatives.